“Robin is excellent at getting you connected to the right media outlets in the industry at the right time and getting the word out about what’s going on with the company. She’s very organized, connected, and of course a pleasure to work with. She has helped define strategy for what to talk about and personally coached me in building relationships with the media with great results.”
Alex Kehayias, Product Manager, Comodo

“Robin brings so much to the table – experience, inquisitiveness, and professionalism – to name a few. She works with speed, yet is comprehensive and inclusive. She’s an asset to any company.”
Ron Matana, Product Manager, Comodo

“Robin is someone who is always “in the know”, she arrived at Comodo and revolutionized the PR function, impressing us all with her focus and ability to spot a good angle.”
Paul Lee, Director of IT, Comodo

“Robin is a hard-working, detail-oriented professional who’s always on top of things. During the time I worked with her, she handled multiple functions in a very active international group superbly. I highly recommend her.”
Ralph Hammock, Retired Editor, IBM Corporation

“Robin and I worked on several global and cross-division project at IBM. She is a great writer, and offers strong strategic counsel, Robin has excellent project management skills, and can work with short deadlnes to deliver a quality product. She has strong integrity and and a superior ethical view. I was impressed with Robn’s good grasp of technology and the ability to translate highly technical information into simpler terms. She has excellent media contacts and media relations skills.”
Richard Rubin, Marketing Manager, IBM Software Group

“Robin is absolutely the best PR person I have ever worked with, in over 30 years of being in business. I’d highly recommend her to any company that wants meaningful, focused and high quality public relations work.”
Craig Aberle, CEO, MicroBiz Corp

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