International Women’s Day

Congratulations to all the women who have come before us to pave the way for women in business today. When I graduated college and was first starting out in business, I believed that there would be equality in the workforce that I would be able to experience. How naive we were at that age; but that is a good thing. Now, I wish for that same equality in business for my daughters and those women who are about to graduate and embark on their careers.

I am no Gloria Steinem, but I do know that there is much work left to do. Let’s hope that the Ginni Rometty’s of the world (first Woman to be an IBM CEO) make progress for their sisters and their daughters and those that follow. How sad it is that there are still so few women in the boardroom, only 17 percent? Why you ask?

I remember when I started out working in lower Manhattan there was a restaurant, The NY Athletic Club, that would not allow women to eat lunch in certain rooms even if they were attending a business luncheon. Unbelievable? No, it was true. I do hope that restaurant has changed its policy.

With 55 percent of women in the workforce today, women need to be honored and respected for their contributions and not held back because of their sex. We can only move forward from here and appreciate how far we’ve come.

Founder of Carley Communications Group

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