Talent Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

One of the CEOs whom I’ve had the opportunity to work with during my career and whose wisdom and leadership I highly respect, once said a very simple yet profound statement to me, which has stuck with me ever since. I have even repeated it to myself on several occasions.

He was commenting to me about one of his most senior employees who had some very obvious idiosyncrasies, but never the less was a true high-performance employee, contributing greatly to the business and the bottom line.

That CEO said of this employee whose behavior was a puzzle to many, “You know Robin, talent comes in all shapes and sizes.”

How brilliant, simple, elegant and so very true.

I have been fortunate during my career to have worked with many talented individuals of many different shapes and sizes, ages, colors and creeds. But the one thing they all have  had in common is their talent.

I’ve just added an intern to my team and am so impressed with his energy, passion and enthusiasm. It is contagious. Pure unbridled talent. I love it.

Great leaders surround themselves with the best talent and it doesn’t matter what form it takes.

Founder of Carley Communications Group 

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